Plus the Citroen 2CV and the original VW Beetle. Image caption Older VW Beetles have long been coveted "Many of these cars are practically extinct now, you hardly ever see them on the road, but there is a real demand for those that are still out there... this limited supply means that prices are being driven ever upwards," says Mr Richards, who is also co-owner of car restoration business Project Shop, based near the Oxfordshire town of Bicester. The company makes a good living restoring classic cars to their former glory. At the UK branch of US car giant Ford, it celebrates its old cars in a quiet corner of its factory in Dagenham, east London. Its Ford Heritage Collection is an Aladdin's Cave of more than 100 Ford cars from the past 80-plus years. The jewel in the crown is a Ford Escort 1850GT, which won the first London-to-Mexico rally in 1970. Ivan Bartholomeusz, who helps to look after the collection, estimates that this car is worth at least 500,000. Yet the museum of cars is also home to Ford Fiestas from the 1990s. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ford Capris are now much in demand Mr Bartholomeusz says that the best Ford Cortinas made in the first half of the 1970s can now sell for 18,000, but back in the 1980s were worth as little as 100.

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