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We tied the knot a week before he got the decree we were expecting our own bundle of joy. Its been four years since Swarajs divorce, four years since our marriage, four years sinceI have had a sound sleep. His ex-went on to complete the education she had left in mid to marry him. Gained degrees one after another. But that doesnt bother me. What bothers me is that she has lost the weight I gained postpartum, perhaps even more. Her face has found a new glow, her hair reflects the sunshine, the hem of her skirt rising gradually. Many a times, after sex, I have found Swaraj looking her up on Facebook. His Instagram has her as last search oftentimes. Why dont you accompany me at the gym? he asked me one day. The other day he escorted me to a salon, got my hair dyed in a dark hue of red, the one his ex is wearing on her Instagram display picture.

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