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Independent MP Borislav Bereza arrived with the grey blob-shaped toy on Friday morning and propped it up on a vacant seat. It's a mini copy of the sculpture Homunculus Loxodontus by Dutch artist Margriet van Breevoort, which symbolises the experience of patients waiting to see a doctor. The sculpture became an internet meme in Russia and Ukraine, where it's referred to as Pochekun, meaning "the one who waits". Mr Bereza says in a Facebook post that while 322 MPs were registered as being in the chamber for a plenary session, no more than 150 of them were physically present. "But Pochekun is here in the hall," he writes. "Like a majority of Ukrainians, he is waiting for MPs to start attending and working. He does not lack time or patience. Unlike Ukraine." The toy also took a turn behind the podium, prompting other MPs to snap photos . Ukrainians commenting online are divided over the stunt. "It seems to be funny, but it is rather sad," says one Facebook user, while another thinks it's "disgusting" given the conflict in Donbass and an economy "in intensive care".

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When the officers arrived at the Stamms apartment with the search warrant earlier this month, Michelle and Matthew Stamm were in the kitchen, along with another woman. The officers saw eight blue glassine bags containing powder on the kitchen table, according to the affidavit of probable cause. Matthew Stamm and the unidentified woman were immediately secured. Michelle Stamm quickly left the kitchen while officers were entering and went to her bedroom, the affidavit states. In the bedroom, a police officer saw her throwing items towards a bureau. She, too, was secured. After mother and son were advised of their Miranda rights, Matthew Stamm reportedly told officers that he had bags of heroin hidden in the underwear he was wearing. A search of his clothing revealed 14 additional bags of heroin, the affidavit states. As a result of the search of the apartment, investigators recovered an additional 19 blue glassine bags containing powder and multiple กระเป๋าซาร่า แมงโก้ suspected morphine pills from Michelle Stamms bedroom, the affidavit states. Marijuana and various drug paraphernalia including two metal grinders and several glass smoking pipes with residue were found in Matthew Stamms bedroom, according to the affidavit. Cash totaling about $400 was also confiscated as a result of the investigation.

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