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California's voice on campaign money in Washington is packing her bags and heading home John Myers Ann Ravel, who is resigning her seat on the Federal Election Commission, led the state's campaign finance watchdog agency from 2011 to 2013. (Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press) Ann Ravel is headed back home to California, tired of fighting Republicans atthe nation's campaign finance agency and conceding control of the Federal Election Commission to President Trump. "I compromised, but the other side never would," the FEC commissionersaid in an interview on Tuesday. Ravel announced her resignation from the FEC over the holiday weekend, posting onlinea copy of the letter she sent to Trump. She said she has not received any response from the White House, and will leave her post on March 1. Ravel is the only one of the six FEC commissioners stillin an active appointment, with the rest of the bipartisan group still serving until replaced by the president. By law, the commission can't have more than three members from the same party. After serving almost three years as chair of the state's Fair Political Practices Commission, Ravel was tapped by President Obama for the FEC post in the fall of 2013. She said she had hoped to use the national post to apply the lessons learned in Sacramento,including the FPPC's high-profile case against donations secretly funneled into 2012 statewide ballot measure campaigns .

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit found by BBC Monitoring 17 February 2017 LinkedIn Image copyright Image caption Mr Fedorenkov told the assembled media that he made the promise in February 2016, and was eating an issue from that month A sports editor in Belarus has kept a promise to eat his own newspaper after incorrectly predicting the fortunes of a local ice hockey team. Vyacheslav Fedorenkov, who writes for the major Belarusian sports paper Pressball, had said that Dinamo Minsk wouldn't make it to the play-offs in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), an international league dominated by Russian teams. But the team proved him wrong, leaving Mr Fedorenkov to eat his words. He arrived at Minsk Arena's press centre with a copy of the paper, a bowl of soup to make it more palatable and a can of fizzy pop, the website reports . Unfortunately he was a bit short on soup, so only managed to eat half of the pages. Mr Fedorenkov was in good spirits despite his unappetising meal, jokingly telling reporters: "I would do anything for my favourite team". But he added that he would think twice before making any similar commitments in the future. "I will be frank with you lads," he said. "Don't joke like this and don't make such promises, because they are pretty difficult to deliver." The was no pressure on the journalist from Dinamo Minsk, but team coach Craig Woodcroft was still impressed with the effort, telling "I will remember his deed every time I enter this room."

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