4, in only the second week of a yearlong international tour. The musical, by legendary theater duo Rodgers & Hammerstein, has been updated with a modernized book, some additional characters, new plot twists and makeovers for many of the main players. It gives audiences more substance to go along with the traditional pumpkin coach and handsome prince in the classic fairytale. The result is completely delightful a charming version that skips the cliches but keeps the magic. There are a lot of reasons to like this production. Here are my top five: 1. The music. Cinderellas rich score has plenty of tunes you can sing along to or hum on your way out of the theater. The music features grand orchestrations and soaring melodies like the ones in the Broadway classics Oklahoma!, The Sound of Music and Carousel, infusing the story with beautiful duets, inspiring anthems and energetic chorus numbers. Several cast members with backgrounds in opera elevate their songs even further.

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Mrs May has declined to give a "running commentary" on her plans, so we do not yet know precisely what the government will be looking for. Here's a quick guide to the issues people are asking about. Hard Brexit or soft Brexit? Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Brexit - like an egg yolk - can be seen as "hard" or "soft" There is no strict definition of either, but they are used to refer to the closeness of the UK's relationship with the EU, post-Brexit. So at one extreme, "hard" Brexit could involve the UK refusing to compromise on issues like the free movement of people, leaving the EU single market and trading with the EU as if it were any other country outside Europe, based on World Trade Organization rules. This would mean - at least in the short term before a trade deal was done - the UK and EU would probably apply tariffs and other trade restrictions on each other. At the other end of the scale, a "soft" Brexit might involve some form of membership of the European Union single market, in return for a degree of free movement. A number of non-EU countries have their own relationships with Brussels, with differing degrees of closeness, which could give an idea of what is to come for the UK. Norway, for example, has เสื้อบอล ราคาถูก pantip full access to single market, but is obliged to make a financial contribution and accept the majority of EU laws, and all EU citizens can move to live and work there, under free movement laws.

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