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'Bizarre and stupid' Conservative MP Julian Lewis, chairman of the Commons Defence Committee, said Mrs May had been "handed a no-win situation" by her predecessor as Prime Minister, David Cameron, whose "spin doctors" had been responsible for a "cover-up". He told Today that the government usually released film footage of the "99%" of missile tests deemed a success and that ministers could not "have it both ways" by not announcing when this had not been the case. But a spokesman for Mr Cameron said: "It is entirely false to suggest that David Cameron's media team covered up or suggested a cover-up for the Trident missile test. "We were disappointed Julian Lewis would make these claims without any evidence." Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, called for "full disclosure", adding: "A missile veering off course is deeply concerning. Imagine such a failure occurring in a 'real-world' situation - it could lead to the slaughter of millions of people in an ally's country." Kate Hudson, general secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, said: "There's absolutely no doubt that this would have impacted on the debate in Parliament." Image ครีมหน้าขาว copyright MOD Image caption The MoD said the capability and effectiveness of the Trident missile was "unquestionable" But former nuclear submarine commander and Ulster Unionist Party assembly member, Steve Aiken, told Today that any fault "would have been sorted out". "There is a convention that we don't talk about the deterrent... because that is the nature of the deterrent - it is about the security of this nation and I would fully support the prime minister in avoiding those questions," he said. A statement issued by Downing Street and the MoD said the capability and effectiveness of Trident was "unquestionable". "In June the review Royal Navy conducted a routine, unarmed Trident missile test launch from HMS Vengeance, as part of an operation which is designed to certify the submarine and its crew.

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